Cheating Spouse? Use an Anonymous Message to Tip-Off a Friend

The worst kinds of secrets are the ones that are held to protect the feelings of the ones we care about. It is hard to watch a relationship develop between two close friends dissolve once one of those parties has cheated on the other. The fact that you have a friendship with each of them makes things more complex.

That begs the question - how do you tell a friend that their partner - who is also your friend - has cheated on them?

There is no shortage of anxiety that comes with this situation. When you're caught in such an emotional vortex, many questions will arise. You might end up driving yourself crazy with all the factors involved, asking yourself:

Will my friend treat me after dropping this bombshell?

Am I a bad friend for giving such bad news to someone I care about?

Am I betraying the trust of the one who is cheating?

Should I talk to the cheater first?

Should I completely stay out of this situation?

Has the trust I had with the cheater been destroyed?

Am I completely sure that an affair has taken place?

What if I lose my friendship with both friends?

Will the situation be worse if I don't say anything?

Will my other friends think of me as a snitch?

There's a multitude of other questions that come with a problem like this. Cheating sets off a chain reaction that involves many people indirectly connected to the relationship.

Suffice it to say that dealing with a cheating spouse is a touchy situation, and even though you're not part of the problem, your friendship with at least one of those friends will be affected in a substantial way.