What is a Woman Entitled to in a Divorce? Divorce Advice For Women

It is really idealistic to think that marriage lasts until the very end; the future is uncertain, even for married couples. We see them splitting up and finding their separate ways. Most of these married couple stories end in courtrooms and can be difficult for both divorcing parties.

Although this is not an ideal scenario, we must accept the truth that divorce can happen to anyone. For women who are considering divorce or seeing that divorce is imminent, it is wise that they know what a woman is entitled to during and after a divorce.

Before you start counting your share, there are two things that you should consider. First, consider the entitlements of a woman as dictated by state laws. Second, consider consulting a divorce attorney and doing your own research. Basically, a wife is entitled to half of the property and the fruits of the property that the couple has brought into their married life. But this is only true in the absence of a premarital agreement. Child support is also obligatory for couples who have children. In some cases, a wife can also receive alimony after the divorce.

While you are considering divorce, you should also plan to protect your share on whatever you have earned as a married couple. A wife is entitled to half of the couple's real properties, investments, insurance, bank deposits and even business assets. The divorce settlement should end up with both parties having an equal share. Before filing a divorce and during the process of divorce, a woman should be vigilant with keeping track of all assets and keeping them secure. There are instances when the spouse tries to hide some of the assets, especially if the couple is well-off. A wife should also watch for irregularities regarding financial accounts.

For divorcing couples with children, it's necessary for the court to rule on whom will have the custody of their children. The ruling should include child support. In most cases, the woman will have custody of the children. While processing divorce papers, one should compose a list of the costs of proper education, daily expenses and other related costs of living for the children; this will constitute the amount of child support that the spouse is judicially obligated to give.

Aside from child support, an ex-wife who is expected to be a fulltime mother (unless otherwise gainfully employed) is also entitled to alimony. When the court rules for alimony payments to the ex-wife, the payments are subject to some conditions. After a stipulated time or when a woman remarries, alimony is void.

Before entering marriage, it is just logical for both parties to consider forming a premarital agreement. This agreement will define how parties will handle assets brought into their married life and how they will split the assets if they get divorced. This can be useful for partners who are both professionals and who both have sources of income. The same agreement can protect whatever property or assets they will bring into their married life, and it will simplify a divorce settlement when need arises.