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Do it yourself divorce that is legally binding in each of the 50 states! Cheap divorce with this kit! Services of a lawyer are no longer needed. Includes step by step divorce guide and easy to fill-out printed divorce form which soft copies are encoded in the optional CD. Up to date divorce kit with 100% client satisfaction guaranteed. Customer assistance is available through a toll-free line. All orders are assigned with Delivery Confirmation and tracking number. 0-9625456-1-9 (ISBN#).
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  Toll FREE Help Line Included!
Toll Free Tech-Support “800” Number included in the divorce kit is available from Monday to Friday at 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST. Any inquiry you may have will be answered by one of our friendly staff member.

Before you consider other Divorce Kits, keep in mind the 100% money back guarantee that “No Fault Divorce Kit” will work. Since 1985, it has been the first and original.

Fast shipping is done via priority mail. CD-ROM software and preprinted divorce forms included.
Legally binding in each of the 50 states and Washington D.C.

No other Divorce kit is guaranteed! We will give back your money if you have completed forms 100% accurately but were not accepted by any family law courts in the area. 50% of any court fees that you had to pay until your properly filled out divorce papers are rejected will be refunded by SJT, publisher of No Fault Divorce Kit.

Contents of the Kit

The divorce kit is composed of all the required “fill-in-the-blanks” divorce forms, easy to comprehend step-by-step divorce procedure instructions, and optional CD, wherein the soft copies of the forms can be archived and worked on, using any word processing program like Microsoft Word and WordPerfect. Since the kit contains pre-printed divorce forms, it is not mandatory that a computer is needed to use this divorce kit.

Getting divorced requires much time, effort and money. It is a process that can be stressful for the parties concerned, but if the couple finally decides that the marriage is going nowhere else but separation, then this divorce kit book will give you a quick divorce, with less emotional baggage. This kit will help you avoid spending lots of time and money in attorney’s fees and other legal expenses.

The term no-fault divorce means that none of the parties is at fault. Some of the 50 states recognizing divorce call it “dissolution” since the allegations provide that the spouses would like to terminate their union based on “irreconcilable differences” between them.

Issues Covered

Real and personal property


Child support, custody and visitation

Obligations like debt

Wife’s change of name back to maiden name

Income taxes

And other significant issues to be settled

What the parties must agree on?

The following must be agreed on by both parties for this easy divorce kit to work on you. If you and your spouse do not concur on the details of the divorce agreement, obtaining the services of a lawyer is recommended, otherwise, you can succeed in using this kit:

1) Requirements on residency for Washington D.C. and the other 50 states enumerated in this kit must be met. Six to twelve months is required in the majority of the states;

2) All aspects of terminating your marriage must be agreed upon by both of you;

3) The wife should not be in a state of pregnancy;

4) Although only the spouse filing the divorce needs to appear before the family court, it is mandatory that you know where to find your spouse, because you may need to have documents signed by him/her later on.

5) There are court fees that you will need to pay straight to the county divorce court when you file your divorce papers. To give you an idea on the amount of the court fees, you can contact the office of the court clerk, though, the fees would probably be within an estimated range of $50 -$400 depending on the state and area where you live.

If you can include all these in your divorce agreement, Rocket Lawyer or any other law firms will not get hundreds or thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees from you but if you still cannot agree, it is highly recommended that you get a lawyer’s advice on the matter.

Most of the time, divorce is a period of distress. However, if both of you are in complete agreement about all matters regarding your marital relationships getting divorced, you would be able to save time, and a large amount of money, and avoid any further despair with this kit.

It covers all areas and situations like those involving children and real properties. But it is essential that you are aware of the court fees you need to pay aside from the price of this divorce service kit. The court fee amounts are different in every state and county.

These fees are paid straight to the court. For the exact amount of these fees, your county clerk can be contacted. You will get your money back if this kit will not work because it is under a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Keep in mind that it now comes with an optional compact disk to help you work on accomplishing and printing the forms using computer word processing programs. Very user friendly! In any other divorce kit, PDF is used as the format for their divorce forms, thus, these forms can only be filled out only hand.

Up to Date Information in this Publication Assured

A number of times in a year, laws on divorce as well as the legal requirements are being changed by many of the states. For this reason, we ensure that the kit is being updated regularly every month. Other online divorce kit publications are being updated once in every one to three years. For this reason, other divorce forms online are not reliable. Since we are confident that our kit can deliver the best results, we are offering you a guarantee that we will return your money if the kit does not work for you. What more can be asked for in a kit that is guaranteed, is the most trouble-free and up to date?

Guaranteed 100%!

As long as you have duly and properly completed the divorce forms, we will refund the purchase price and not exceeding 50% of the court fees incurred until that time, if your county divorce court does not accept the papers included in this kit. You will find detailed information inside the divorce kit. No other Divorce Kit is guaranteed as the “No Fault Divorce Kit”



If for any reason you are not completely satisfied just return merchandise within 30 days, in saleable conditions, for prompt refund. No questions asked. See Policies and Procedures for additional information.

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