Dressing For Him
By Susan M. Keenan

Let's look at the real question first. Is he really going to want to be seen with you if you're in a sweatshirt and jeans? Well, definitely, that is, if you are still in the throes of love, as in the first few months of the relationship. However, once the sizzle has died down, the man generally does begin to notice what you are wearing.

A man appreciates having a terrific looking woman on his arm. He can feel like the luckiest person alive when he is noticed and envied because of the fashionably dressed woman he is sporting on his arm.

That will make him feel special, and in turn, he will cater to your every need. It doesn't matter if you are a 10 or a 5 on the scale that so many men use to rate a woman's looks, but rather how you rate yourself on the internal "how do I look" scale.

What is it that makes a woman look terrific in the first place? Is it the shape of the woman's body or is it something more important than that? Is it the outfit, perhaps its style, colors or newness? Perhaps the most important thing to remember is simply that what a woman wears is only a reflection of her taste.

How she wears her clothing reflects the time and energy she spent in her selection. All of these factors together create the picture of the well-dressed woman. So, start with an outfit that looks good on you, and you will feel terrific. You will sparkle, you will have a bounce to your step, and you will look even better!

One of the keys to having a good time is the knowledge that you look great in the outfit that you are wearing. Couple this with the knowledge that your date concurs with you, and you have the second key to having a good time. Therefore, it is important to consider his preferences.

Dressing for the person you will be with is simple and easy. It can even be fun! Discover his color and fabric preferences. Ferret out whether he likes sweaters or blouses, slacks or dresses, conservative or trendy.

Most men do not prefer to shop for women's clothing, but that is the perfect opportunity to discover whether or not he has any real preferences. Risk his displeasure by dragging him to the mall for a shopping excursion. Once you have an idea of what he likes, cater to it.

Select those fabrics that his fingertips linger on, imagining his fingertips lovingly caressing and brushing against your skin. Remember what colors elicited the phrase, "that looks good on you," and let the anticipation of hearing those words again, create a look in your eyes that translates to, "I am so excited to be with you." Identify his preferred style of clothing for you and wear it with poise and the knowledge that he is putty in your hands.

Happiness can be contagious. Your mood transfers to him and leads to the simple equation: one happy man plus one happy woman equals one happy couple. The clothes may not make the man, but they do make the woman. The woman makes the man, and together, they make the happy couple.