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No matter where you live in this world if you have a computer and access to the Internet you can OPEN YOUR OWN ONLINE BOOKSTORE AND START MAKING MONEY RIGHT NOW! Our dropshipping system make it possible to get started in the online selling business starting today. You will be able to sell a huge selection of informational products, mainly "Instructional Videos", "Do It Yourself Kits" and "Training CDs" not availble at regular bookstores. Click here for Dropship Price List!

This is how it works: You collect your customers' funds for the retail price of that sale, being sure to have included all shipping and handling fees. After you have taken the order, (and THE FULL RETAIL payment), you forward the order to us, along with the shipping and handling fees and the cost of the product ordered which will be approximately 70% off the retail price you have already received from your customer. At that point, we package and ship the order to your customer. Click here: "What is Dropshipping?" to learn more about this sales method.

You have no costs other than what you spend on promotion and we do the rest of the work. Once your advertising is in place you can simply sit back and collect the money!

We warehouse all products and ship individual items directly to your buyers! There's no need to purchase any merchandise until AFTER you've obtained a sale!

How Does It Work?


1. Special distributor prices on all supplies and products as listed in our "Retail & Dropship Price List" page (approximately 70% discount in all products).

2. Complete Drop Shipping Services on all products listed in the Dropship Price List. This means that when you receive an order from a customer, you collect 100% of the retail price, and then send the order on to QualityBooks with as little as the discount amount indicated in the Retail & Dropship Price List! We in return, will fulfill and ship the order direct to your customer. See FAQ for more information.

3Lifetime Membership to QualityBooks Members' Only Area, with incredible products and resources. Take a tour and see for yourself our Member's Area or view some of our sample Articles or free informational products at our Download Library.


4.  All files for a complete Online Bookstore Website. This website will contain the sales pages for most of the products shown on our main page at

This free website will have approximately 200 files and graphics included. The pages do require some editing on your part (branding) and can then be uploaded to your web hosting company. The section Getting Started Guide includes an in-depth guide explaining how to manages and brand the sales pages with your name and company information. NOTE: Be sure to read carefully through the "Getting Started Guide" before uploading or starting to work on the sales pages.

5.  Free email Consultation and Advice on How to Start, Operate, and Develop Your Own Bookstore as well as Marketing Advice and also too, very important, our "Dropshipping Secrets" valuable dropshipping tips that will be available at the Member's Area immediately after you sign up!

6.  To get started online, you need products to sell. Right now, we are offering UNLIMITED AND UNRESTRICTED REPRODUCTION RIGHTS! to several of our best seller products:

Leveraging Public Data

Selling Out-Of Print, Rare and Collectible Books On The Internet,

How To Make Money From Public Domain Information

Classic Books, Resell Rights Videos

Natural Sounds Collection CD

Buy Anything Wholesale

Drop-Ship Anything
... and more.

Follow the links for details. Note: "UNRESTRICTED" means just that! Not only can you sell this kit as YOUR VERY OWN, you can sell ALL rights along with it! More detail and download information will be available at the download library section of the Member's Area immediately after you sign up.

7.  Create Your Own Digital Product From PLR Materials: This brand New six part video series takes you by the hand and shows you how to create Your Own High Quality Digital Product using private label rights products and free software. Will be sent by mail on a (CD-Rom) to your shipping address.

8.  Several of our sample products for you to use and sell:

item #001 Weight Loss Through Hypnosis (CD)

item #715 Torrential Rain (CD)

item #6021 Carpentry Training (Manual)

item #220 Master Resell Rights to Public Domain Advantage (ebook) and

item #214 Create Your Own Website Graphics Using (Video)

All 5 products samples will be sent by mail to your shipping address in the one package.

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  • There are no hidden fees. You will be responsible for a ONE TIME Lifetime QualityBooks Membership Fee with nothing more to pay... EVER!

  • QualityBooks warehouses all products and ships internationally individual items directly to your buyers! You will be selling over 70 informational products. There's no need to purchase any merchandise until AFTER you've obtained a SALE! Click here Retail & Dropship Price List for distributor prices in all our titles.

  • Special Distributor Prices to Hundreds of Info-Products that come with UNLIMITED AND UNRESTRICTED RESELL RIGHTS. ("UNRESTRICTED" means that, you can not only sell the Info-Products as YOUR VERY OWN, but that you can sell ALL rights along with them!).

  • No minimum sales requirement.

  • Drop-ship rights to all future publications.

Here's How To Begin

  • First, be sure you to review our entire DropShipping Website to educate yourself about the various tools and services we provide. Also, be sure to read and understand our Terms And Conditions outlined below. If you have any questions before joining, please be sure to contact Customer Service for assistance.

  • Second, pay for your membership package via Major Credit Card or Bank Debit Card including MasterCard, Visa, American or Express. This is a secured page and all information is transferred with pgp. Our shopping cart also has the option of creating a mail in or fax order form.
Join now and gain immediate access to all our articles, features, how-to's, dropship program, archives plus more. After ordering you will be brought immediately to the download page for login and password instructions. No need to wait for a few hours or days. All products can be downloaded directly from from the Member's Area

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