Free Last Will and Testament Forms

Last will and testament forms outline the distribution of possessions and property that belonged to someone who has passed away.

Free Last Will and Testament Forms are available online. Additionally, several legal organizations and agencies offer free will forms. Anyone over the age of 18 is legally allowed to write their own will.

Last will and testament forms make the process of honoring one's last wishes much easier. The testator is able to effectively create his own will. The documentation takes into account if a recipient married and/or has kids, and distributes specific gifts accordingly. A testator has the ability to decide how they want the remainder of their estate divided, and address if items should go to one specific person, several people, or a family. The number of executors may be singled out, even though one executor is, for the most part, enough. If there are multiple executors, they must all be in agreement on every decision made.

These forms for free last will and testaments are beneficial for people who have small estates, or a small group of beneficiaries. These documents can be adjusted based on specific needs. They allow individuals to write wills without a legal representative.

Free wills are an economical solution to purchasing a pricey, pre-made testament form. Ultimately, they can help an individual save legal costs, time, and bypass the need to go through complex legal terminology.

Free "Last Will and Testament Forms" can be found at the following websites:, Law Depot, Popular Forms, Total Legal, LegalZoom