Top 5 Free Translation Websites

Online translating is quick and easy, but not all websites out there are accurate and efficient. It is way more difficult to use a program that will suit all your needs, but an online translating website can be used in any situation, it can increase the vocabulary of the targeted language, it can help you read news media written in any language and help you to learn to recognize the shades of meaning in context. I looked into many online language translation tools and I've come up with the best five, the ones that are used the most, the ones that are most accurate and easy to use.

Here are my top 5 picks:

Google Translate You are familiar with this popular website which is anyone's favorite choice. It works great and it has built-in Google's other products, such as Chrome's auto-translation option in-browser, and several Android apps that help to the integrated Translate App for stuff like translating text, tweets, emails, etc. Google Translate supports a wide range of languages and also offers an auto-detection, so you don't have to struggle with figuring out which language you're reading. You can translate entire websites and documents and it is completely free for use.

ImTranslator This translating online tool can be added to Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Yandex. It has translating possibilities for over 90 languages, it is quick and one of the most popular ones out there. With it, you can easily translate text, words, phrases and even whole web pages. It also has auto-detection and text-to-speech feature.

Bing Translator Bing is a Microsoft product, a translation engine which is the last major online tool with a free API. It also supports dozens of languages, has integrated auto-detection, can translate text, whole websites and uploaded documents and an option for its users to vote translations up or down depending on their accuracy.

PROMT If you are looking for a great online and free translate if anything you need, this website is an awesome way to do that. It supports the translation of English to multiple other languages and has an auto-detection function as well. You can also choose the interface language, which is the coolest thing ever.

Free Translation This online translating website can accurately translate text and documents that are written in multiple different languages and you can listen to anything you translate. Besides, it provides with a keyboard feature displayed right there on your desktop.