Top Five Money Making Websites

There are a lot of different websites that you can look to as inspirational. If you are looking for the sites that are making the most money, then you will want to look into the tried and true domains. The following 5 options are the ones that are making the most profit, and often times per second they are making thousands of dollars overall.

With that in mind, the following are inspirational on a lot of different levels, as they are making serious money, and you can emulate their success.


This site sells everything, and streams media. Founded by Jeff Bezos, it's one of the oldest domains that you are going to find today. How much money does it generate? Well, at latest figures it was pushing $107 billion annually. That's right, over 100 billion dollars are generated annually, and over 3,000 dollars per second of every single day. Not only that, they pay out to people that sell goods through their website, making it an absolute gem to consider.


The biggest search engine in the world also makes some of the most money. This website makes upwards of $75 billion dollars annually. They also pay people that publish their ads through AdSense, and allow advertisers to use AdWords to pay for premier placement in their search results. Google is a huge company, with a lot of upside, and they are pulling in a lot of money, as well as paying many publishers as well. 3. Jd.Com

This site may not be familiar to many, but it is one of the biggest sites in terms of revenue. This Chinese website is equivalent to in a lot of different ways. It makes upwards of $28 billion in revenue annually. The huge population of China helps this site make serious money, and it continues to grow day by day.


The largest social media website also makes the most money amongst the social networking world. Founded by several individuals, but made famous by Mark Zuckerberg, you'll find that this site pulls $17.93 billion annually. That's right, nearly 20 billion dollars in revenue a year and there's no end in sight.


The last of the big sites on this top 5 list, you'll find that generates nearly 13 billion dollars annually. This site is a news website that publishes a lot of content from around the world. It has grown by leaps and bounds and continues to rival a lot of websites in the news world. This is perhaps one of the largest news resources in the world, and it gets millions in traffic daily.