How to Learn Numerology
By Deanna Lynn Sletten

Numerology is a divinatory art that is often associated with the occult and astrology. Whereas astrologists use astronomical formations to gain information about the earth, numerologists use numbers. A numerologist might use the numbers of your birth date or a set of numbers corresponding to the letters in your name to try to help you understand your inclinations and personality traits. There is no official certification for numerologists. If you want to become a numerologist, you can attend a private school or you can study on your own.

Study Numerology at Home

It's best to begin by obtaining an array of numerology books from a local library or bookstore. Study these books thoroughly. You will discover that there are a number of different schools of thought concerning numerology, such as Chaldean and Pythagorean. Learn the history of these schools, and what the differences are between them. Even if you have already decided that you are only interested in practicing one school of numerology, it will still be worth your while to learn how other schools work.

Acquire a selection of numerology reference books for your personal library. Even numerologists with decades of experience need to refer to their books on a regular basis. It is not possible to memorize the entire body of knowledge associated with a school of numerology and you will benefit from having references on hand while you draw up charts.

Learn how to draw up basic numerological charts like the ones for birthdays or names. Comprehensively understand the fundamentals of your school of numerology. Simple readings based on birthdays and names are the most common form of numerological practice, and if you want to help other people understand their numbers you will probably be asked to draw these charts on a regular basis.

Enroll in a Numerology Course

Enroll in a private numerology course, or get a tutor. Once you understand the fundamentals of your school of numerology, find a more experienced numerologist to work with to begin learning how to interpret numbers. Interpreting numbers, and especially combinations of numbers (such as someone's name number in combination with his or her birthday number) is the most complicated aspect of numerology.

In a numerology course, you will learn how to do detailed interpretations of combinations of numbers. You also will learn why each number is associated with different traits. An experienced numerologist might be able to help you learn how to work with clients if you are hoping to go into business one day.

Join a Community of Numerologists

Join a group, newsletter or forum for numerologists. You can benefit from talking with and asking questions of more experienced numerologists. You also can learn the latest news in the numerology community, such as whether other numerologists believe mobile numbers can affect users' lives.

Groups and forums are good places to make friends with like-minded individuals who will let you practice your numerology skills on them as well.

Practice Numerology Reading as Often as Possible

Once you feel that you've gotten the hang of doing numerology charts on your own, do as many numerological readings as possible. The only way to become a master numerologist is with experience. Begin by offering to do free numerology readings for your friends and family members. You also can practice by doing numerological readings of celebrities. Consider keeping a journal of all your readings that you can study and learn from as you gain more experience. Once you feel you have a firm grasp of complicated readings, you can start offering your services to strangers seeking a numerologist's help.