Top 10 Wrong Reasons to Stay in a Marriage

There is a very popular saying that marriage is made in heaven. Unfortunately, not all marriages seem to be made in heaven because there are many people in this world who have to deal with an unsuccessful marriage. Reasons for a failed marriage are countless, and leave a lot of ex-husbands and ex-wives wanting to be happy again. Although couples would want to separate, however, a lot of factors come into play when forming their decision, and some people, although unhappy, decide to stay married for the reasons stated below.

1. The Children For a lot of couples, their children are the most important people that they think about when considering a divorce. They always think of the negative impact that a broken family can bring to their children. Although it is a very good and very important factor to consider, staying together for the children is not always correct because this may drastically increase a couple's quarrels and disagreements. In fact, staying together may even affect the children more, as opposed to getting a divorce and getting a peaceful household, even if it is broken.

2. Financial Security In today's world, money is very important, and this is the reason why there are many unsuccessful marriages which are continued just for the sake of money. This is done especially on the part of women because they usually take care of the household and are not used to working outside of the house. The same goes for husbands who live at the cost of their wives. This is not a very good idea to keep a marriage, as no amount of money can serve as an alternative for love and happiness.

3. Guilt This usually happens in love marriages, where couples feel guilty to have ransacked the life of their partner. It is because of this guilt that they stay in their marriage and foregoing the divorce. Such people should remember one thing: in this way they are becoming unfaithful to their partners, and should even be guiltier for doing so.

4. Proving that the choice was right This also happens mostly in love marriages which are done against the will of the parents. When such marriages turn sour, the couple is too ashamed, or maybe too proud, to reveal this truth to their parents. They want to prove that they made the right choice by marrying someone, even if everyone knows that their relationship is not working.

5. Honoring the vows made in marriage There are many couples who believe that marriage is very sacred. They believe that in any circumstance, they have to keep their relationship so that the vows of marriage are not broken. In a failed marriage, however, this would only increase the suffering of a couple, because staying with someone whom you do not love would only cause hurt. While the vows made in marriage were made in front of a god, hurting for the rest of your life is also going against your god. As the saying goes, two wrongs do not make a right.

6. Staying away from loneliness The security in companionship that can be achieved from a marriage is the main reason why women do not like to get separated from their husbands. There is nothing worse than staying with someone who you do not love.

7. Setting a better example Children who come from broken families usually avoid getting a divorce, because at some point, they did suffer as children. Upon reaching parenthood, they promise to be better parents than their own. That said, even if some couples already want to let go, there is a nagging feeling that they should stay together, just to differ from the fate of their parents.

8. Social Acceptance There is a tremendous amount of pressure that is levied on the part of the society in case of a broken marriage. Some people love gossip, and some people feel so righteous, that they look down on people who are different from the norm. It is important to note that YOU are the sufferer, not the society; therefore, it is what you think and how you feel that matters.

9. Properties and assets There are many things that are done jointly in a marriage like the purchase of properties, as well as handling bank accounts. Upon separation, dealing with these properties and assets can get very technical. Therefore, this becomes an important factor for couples to stay together in spite of sour relations.

10. Cost effectiveness of marriage In a time when money is a big factor in survival, getting a divorce may seem impractical. A couple would have to get lawyers, which will cost a lot for both parties. Because of this, even if it hurts, some couples who cannot afford to get a divorce have no choice but to stay together.