How to Find People by Social Security Numbers

A variety of documents can reveal a person's social security number, such as a death certificate, military records, a life insurance policy, a driver license, etc. But, there are more convenient and easier ways of doing it and if you want to find out just read on this review - I'm about to tell you.

You can find a person's social security number at the United States Social Security Website. Just click on the link and it will take you to the exact web address with detailed instructions. You can learn how to do it by reading the few simple steps, register and login to use its services. It also offers a handbook for more detailed instructions on registering and using SSN.

If you have a social security number and you don't know whom it belongs to, but you want to find out, you can simply hire a private investigator or a look for an online private investigator services. The most reliable and efficient online services that we suggest you use are:, but there are few more of them with similar offerings. Another good option is

Another option to search for a SSN is to join a private investigative membership service, which offers you access to the same powerful and accurate research databases.

If you are looking for a social security number of a deceased person visit where you need to just type in the first and the last name and there you go. This website has millions of records, but if you want to find a SSN of a living person you will have to use one of the private investigative methods that I already mentioned above.