How to Pass a Computer Speed Test

In this fast-paced world, online media is the most commonly used channel to stay updated on what is happening around us. Therefore, computers are also widely used to stay online. Nowadays, the computers that we use are running slow, which is the leading problem of computer users.

Given below are the most common causes of a slow computer and a few tips that can help you prevent them from occurring in the first place. Why do computers run slow? The top reasons are:

1. Malware infection
2. A large number of programs running in the background
3. A fragmented hard disk

1. In using computers, some of the main reasons of slow connection are malware infections which includes trojan horses, ransomware, keyloggers, dialers, rootkits, and other computer viruses, to mention a few. To be able to solve this, one should have in the computer a malware scan to protect it from several viruses.

2. Keep background programs to a minimum. Another reason for the rate of your computer speed test to become slow is because various programs are already running in the background. The best solution to this is to turn-off the one that you do not actually use. A fast internet connection is an essential ingredient to download your favorite games, music, movies and applications faster. Just like any material that you use, computers should always be cleaned up for its maximum use and efficiency.

3. Keep the hard disk defragmented. A fragmented hard disk is also one of the reasons why your computer is running slow. Therefore, you should always maintain your hard disk defragmented. You need to avail a Disk Defragmenter as it allows you to defrag your hard drives. You can use this tool regularly once a month to avoid your hard disk from fragmentation. Cleaning out the Registry can also help. Make sure that the settings in your computer are able to read quickly and smoothly.

4. Also is important that you test the speed of your broadband for you to ensure that the speed service is right from what your broadband provider should give you. It is also important that you are the only one who uses your internet connection and network because it can help the progress of your computer's speed.

5. Testing your computer speed is essential for you to find out if your broadband speed varies every time each day. If you find that your broadband speed is continually slow in progress, one thing that you can do is to replace your broadband provider with a better and faster one. Speed test is significant to know your connection status. Speed test providers are also now available even in your mobile phone without the need to install the application.

6. Finally, you must also check your modem or router and a high quality hardware will help to improve the speed of your downloading applications. If you are not the only one using your connection in your house, the slower your connection would be. If you don't receive good service from your broadband provider, you have the right to complain regarding it. Everyone wants a faster connection. No one wants to waste money and time in a slow broadband connection. So, find an alternative broadband provider that offers a good consumer service. By carefully checking the speed test of your computer, you can automatically identify and compare the fastest and slowest broadband provider.