Top 5 Free Classified Ad Websites

There was a time when you could only post advertisements in newspapers. Usually businesses would purchase classified advertisements in the back pages of these papers, but that has changed. With the ubiquitous nature of the internet, this has all moved to the internet. If you need to place an ad, or you want to explore listings, there are 5 major websites that you can focus on today.

Whether you need a job or you are posting an ad for help, these sites can help you out overall.

As you look at classified websites, you are going to find that there are a lot of solutions to explore. This is one of the premier solutions for those that are looking at posting to India. This covers 90 major cities in the country, and it is second only to in terms of size.

A premier website for selling anything, or finding a job, this is a solution that allows you to post just about anything you want in regards to selling, befriending others, or getting a job. While it's somewhat small compared to other sites, it's getting a lot of attention in various arenas, with a lot of people starting to post here as an alternative to other larger sites.

Here is the third largest site on our list, and rightfully so, it has thousands upon thousands of listings. It's a site that is growing amidst those that are trying to sell electronics, motorcycles, vehicles and more. It's also a site where a great deal of jobs get posted, and the listings keep on coming.

The number two site versus is a large site with a lot of listings. You can post all the things you would normally post on larger sites, and get a lot of eyeballs on the ad. They have premium ads, free ads, and so much more to explore, making this an interesting alternative to other classified websites.

The biggest classified's website in the world. This is a site that has a lot of traffic, and a lot of daily posts. Every aspect of this website has a lot of attention garnered to it. It's a classified website that has millions of hits daily, and it is worldwide. You will not find another site that has the traffic or reputation that this one does, which is definitely a huge bonus for individuals that are looking for jobs, posting ads, or just about anything in the world of "classified" postings.