Five Ways to Eat Less Easily

We need to stay ahead of ourselves in any weight loss effort and keeping food out of our direct sight is just one of them. However, no matter what we do, it is important to promote better nutrition and outsmart human nature by using psychology. For many people, willpower won't work in the long run and it is much easier for us to change our environment.

1. Put fresh fruit in many places: We could put our favourite fruits on the counter and other places we go. By showing a bowl of colourful fruit, it is more likely for us to consume them. Obviously, we should make sure that the bowl isn't placed somewhere behind the toaster or other places. In any case, it should be a god idea to place fruit within a few feet of any heavily-travelled pathways. So, instead of looking for Snickers bars in the fridge, we could just take fruits in the living room or doorways.

2. Serve meals strategically: It is possible to eat well, even when we are undergoing weight loss program. As an example, we could still serve an appetizer, but it should be grilled veggies or salad. They could fill us up and we will be more compelled to eat less food during the main course. By offering proper appetizers, we should be able to eat much less.

3. Stock our fridge skilfully: Making sure we have got some healthy food in our fridge isn't enough. We should be aware of the common principle, first eaten, first seen. Precut veggies and fruits should be placed in clear containers at eye level inside the fridge, so we will more likely to take them every time we open the door. Studies show that moving veggies and fruits to places we often go can cause us to eat more of them. High protein snacks are good hunger busting food, they may include sliced turkey, string cheese and yogurt.

4. Buy smaller dishes and fewer less healthy ingredients: Buying a large amount of meat-based product may be fun, but they could add a few pounds each month to our overall body weight. Smaller ingredients are better for cooking too. Studies also showed that people are likely to eat more if they use larger plates, because they tend to fill their plates proportionally.

5. Prioritize single servings: Healthy snacks could still go awry. In this case, it is more likely for us to eat the whole jar of nuts if it is placed on highly visible areas. To avoid accidentally downing tons of calories, we should serve single-portions of cashews. The same tactic should also work on high-calorie starchy or fatty food that we may want to eat occasionally. Placing food in small bags, whether it is healthy or not, could reduce the overall consumption. It is actually possible to gain weight by eating more high-calorie fruits than recommended.

Over the long run, very tiny changes can make a huge difference. By trying out these easy techniques, we should be able drop quite a lot of pounds in just a few months.